Why circumcision radically changes men’s health and men’s life in general

We will talk about male circumcision – a procedure, the effect of which is comparable with natural Viagra for men or certainly with any generic. Of course, they have no choice: an operation to remove the prepuce is carried out on the eighth day after birth, when, for obvious reasons, there is no way to refuse it.

However, it is not necessary to do a lot of research about this ritual, generally religious procedure: circumcision has many purely physiological bonuses, as well as shortcomings. Let’s not torment you with this excruciating uncertainty and turn directly to the essence of the matter. So: what happens with circumcision?

You will be enduring in bed

In a study involving men who had undergone circumcision, it was found that this surgical procedure prolongs the sexual intercourse onradically changes men’s health average for 1 minute. Perhaps this doesn’t appear to be so much, especially in comparison with how long Viagra can last, but this acquired quality will always be with you, unlike Viagra online (although the last one can not be discounted too). There is no secret here: thanks to the removal of the foreskin, the glans of the penis becomes less sensitive, which helps the man to delay the onset of orgasm.

The same can be said about females

Danish scientists have found that women whose husbands have passed through the “crucible” of circumcision are more likely to experience difficulty in achieving orgasm. According to sexologist Debbie Herbenick, a consultant to Men’s Health magazine, this may be due to a loss of sensation created by the friction of the foreskin against the wall of the vagina during copulation. It is unlikely that one study can draw any far-reaching conclusions that women prefer exclusively “uncircumcised” men. But it is obvious that for some of them the presence of a skin “hood” on the penis of the sexual partner is one of the key conditions for sexual well-being.

Circumcision protects against cancer

Do not ostracize circumcision only for the reason stated in the previous subheading: going solely on that would be ridiculous. It is much more important that this small surgical intervention will help you protect yourself from prostate cancer. The fact is that the foreskin is a container of various inflammatory agents, including bacteria that cause sexually transmitted diseases, as well as human papilloma virus, which, in turn, can provoke cancer. Again, this does not mean that all men should now rush to visit the surgeon. With the same function, the condom successfully manages.

It protects from sexually transmitted diseases

The foreskin is more susceptible to the action of bacteria and viruses than the cavernous and muscular tissue of the penis. Another possible explanation: skin folds covering the head of the penis, often get micro damages during sex, through which all the same bacteria and viruses enter the body. And, as already noted in the previous chapter, microorganisms are already too free to be themselves in these skin “labyrinths,” expanding and multiplying. You can avoid this by circumcision or by rubber products.

In the middle of the 19th century, the procedure of circumcision became a kind of bloodletting, which was a way to treat all diseases. The foreskin was also removed in order to treat various diseases from fever to paralysis or copper poisoning. Of course, this was nothing but prejudice, but sometimes wrong beliefs are still widespread.

The condom sits safer

The foreskin somewhat complicates the manipulationradically changes men’s health of the condom, and also increases the risk of its slipping out at the key moment of coitus. It crawls, turns around – in a word, shows itself as a kind of impediment. To insure yourself against unpleasant surprises, try to maximally strip the head before putting on the elastic band, after which you should return the foreskin to its place, holding the condom at the base. This will ensure the skin free movement in the process of friction. If you feel that the condom begins to slide slowly, stop and restore the status quo.