What to do if a partner does not want sex: 5 tips to save the situation!

People’s sexual desire does not often perfectly match with that of their partner. Today, experts give us five unexpected tips on how to behave appropriately in such a complicated situation and save your intimate life.

Sexual desire appears and disappears. At one moment you may be ready for intimacy, and then just in one moment later detect that you have absolutely lost interest to it. Your loved one is likely prone to the same. This is a widespread issue.

partner does not want sex

But when ladies or men lose their fuse, it is very difficult not to perceive it as their own problem. Here it is vital to note: there are really a lot of causes why a person may temporarily become cold towards intimacy, and you should still support him or her at this moment. This is what you should do in this unpleasant situation.

Treat your partner with understanding

  • After you find out that conflicting emotions and loss of desire are not actually directly connected with something that you may have done, tell your partner honestly how this makes you feel.
  • Do not judge at this period. Try not to humiliate your partner. Explain to him or her that the intimate failure affects your feelings.
  • Maintaining your relationship is the most important thing. Do not forget this fact, or you will just end up in a totally unstable situation.

Analyze the causes

Be attentive to your man, and reason on the absence of his intimate interest. Provoking causes can be of a wide variety: often the use of antidepressants, anxiety, some stress, or even a disease. Maybe he needs to use Viagra and Cialis. If this does not give you an answer, then this case needs to get even more thorough analysis.

If he answers, “You are absolutely the reason for this”,  here is chance to reconsider your relationships, as your chosen one shouldn’t be blaming everything on you and you should want to make each other happy.

Focus on all sides of your communication

Sex is a totally indispensable component. But there are still other vital things. And paying enough attention on them, you can really fix the problem.

When you are intensively focused on the problem, it seems even worse. Leave your house. Create an enjoyable plan together. Spend time together in exciting activities. This will greatly magnify the whole sense of intimacy in your connection.

In the process of time, almost all the relationships may easily become sluggish. Try to restart them. It may also change your sex life.

Nothing can kill romance like predictability. So you have to perform unexpected and new actions.

Visit interesting concerts, go on an unplanned date, do something of pleasure for you both. Create unusual actions to recharge your own partner and in fact yourself.

Get out of the routine

Vacations are also a good recharger.  In addition, everyone prefers sometimes to get out of the boring city and just change the local environment.

Often even a new area may revitalize relationships. New scenery, some smells and emotions may activate your senses and wake up you to joy.

Consult with a professional

Have you ever gone to a therapist? Today could be the perfect time to start. Joint therapy may not just help with your intimate problems, but also fix all other components of your close relationship.

Attentively explore all the causes, which could provoke the desire lack (physical, psychological, or even emotional). Maybe your man needs to buy Viagra online. By the way, there is also Viagra for women. This could wind up solving the whole problem.

In fact, do everything for to try and fix your problems together and get what you both prefer to get from your relationship. You should work really thoroughly on the part requiring adjustment.