Myths about low libido: five facts that greatly change your opinion!

The topic of sexual attraction is not widely discussed, therefore it becomes obfuscated. It is too complicated to talk about low libido even with friends. Myths are harmful: they do not let people change and find happiness in sex.

The first myth: low libido means that something is wrong with you

Low libido is not a signal that something is really wrong with you. Quite a huge percentage of people note a decrease and increase in their libido in different periods of life. Recession libido becomes a problem just when you want more. Even this fact is absolutely normal.

The second myth: only ladies suffer from low libido

Low libido is more often attributed to women. In fact, just 40% of ladies of all ages experience a decrease in their libido, often applying to female Viagra. Men also know what is the decreased libido, at least 25% of them. Testosterone is responsible for libido, which women initially have less.

Myths about low libido

Men with low libido conceal the truth, so that they are not considered weak. There is no relation to femininity or masculinity. This is a medical condition that may be treated (in some cases with Cialis or Viagra).

The third myth: reducing libido is always caused by hormones

Hormones, of course, affect sexual life. But it is wrong to blame for everything just hormonal imbalance. Reducing libido may be provoked by psychological factors: stress, depression, trauma and so on. And also non-hormonal diseases like cancer, arthritis, diabetes or high blood pressure.

Even what we drink and eat can really affect our sexual desire. Problems with sex itself affect our libido:

  • pain during intercourse,
  • lack of orgasm,
  • different sexual preferences.

Factors are many, and it is important to consider them all when solving problems with low libido.

The fourth myth: the decline of libido does not affect the relationship

Myths about low libidoSex really is not the most important thing. But in the relationship, this is one of the most important components.

Lack of sex causes a feeling of abandonment and loneliness, especially if the partner’s temperament is more ardent.

For the sake of maintaining relations, it is important to consider the partner’s desires. You may try to have your intimate act more often, even if you do not really want to. As it is said, the appetite comes with eating.

The fifth myth: low libido can not be treated

Many believe that once libido is at zero, sex is not worth it at all. So the problem can not be really solved. There are several options for getting out of this complicated situation. For example, if libido is influenced by taken medications, tell your doctor about it. If the sex drive is affected by lifestyle, change it. Go to bed earlier, do exercises, breathe fresh air, lose weight and stop smoking. To maintain vitality and arousal of sexual appetite, take the root of ginseng.

Talk with your partner and discuss the situation. Try to find a compromise that will suit both. Try something new in bed. Experiments will help refresh and diversify your sexual life. These may be new poses, sex toys and role-playing games that you have never tried, or use Viagra over the counter.