Being a man is not just outside: hormonal therapy in the treatment of ED.

Even the lowest-priced Viagra may do nothing for male sex hormones. Nevertheless, it is effective for erectile dysfunction, caused by a low level of testosterone in the blood. But taking drugs to increase the potency in this case is akin to injecting morphine to stop abstinence, in that the medicine does not bring the patient a bit closer to solving his problem. It’s a trite piece of knowledge but nonetheless true: it is necessary to treat not just the symptoms, but the cause.

hormonal therapy

What is hormonal deficiency?

Low testosterone is most often due to the biological aging of the body. Have you heard about andropause? This is the same as menopause, only under a different gender “flavor”. True, it appears with the same symptoms:

  • loss of sexual “drive”,
  • irritability,
  • general decrease in vital energy.

There is nothing unusual here: one way or another, every man will have to face this. But some of them have the misfortune to feel all the “delights” of testosterone deficiency much earlier than that programmed by nature.

This can happen, for example, as a result of a consistently high concentration in the blood of the stress hormone cortisol.

Another extremely unfriendly hormone to testosterone is prolactin, the increased secretion of which by the pituitary gland can be caused by the maturation of a benign tumor or hyperthyroidism.

Poor environmental conditions, smoking, hypodynamia – all of this also does not have the best effect on the secretory capacity of male testicles. In fact, you could be affected by any of these.

It should be emphasized that the presence of problems with an erection is not necessarily associated with a shortage of testosterone. The exact answer to this question can only be provided by a laboratory analysis of hormones, and an andrologist who will evaluate the results. In any case, hormone therapy should be authorized by a doctor.

Some words about the testosterone regimen

Testosterone and its generics are available in several dosage forms. The most popular of them is a solution for intramuscular injections, which is usually administered every 2-3 weeks (athletes do it much more often, but they have other purposes too). Injectable testosterone, usually injected in the buttock, thigh or shoulder, is used. Testosterone is also available in the form of dermal patches, gels or creams.

hormonal therapy

Pharmaceutical companies cannot patent natural testosterone, but they willingly use the opportunity to stake out the right to release their own synthetic generic hormone. This also applies to the delivery systems of the active component, getting it where it needs to go.

The latest development in this field is the axillary testosterone gel Axiron from the company “Eli Lilly”. If you want to test a novelty that does not appear to differ much from an ordinary deodorant – keep it away from your wife: you do not want her beard start growing, and her back getting acne. That’s how quickly we can get to the negative points of taking hormones against advice.

Side effects of hormone therapy

Undesirable reactions of the body to synthetic androgens include:

  • an increase in the number of red blood cells (which increases the risk of heart attacks and strokes),
  • high blood pressure,
  • breast enlargement and tenderness,
  • water retention.

Well, it may be a little far-fetched to say that this is exactly like PMS, but some symptoms of this primarily feminine state can manifest themselves in men. If using a patch, irritation or other local reactions may occur. Testosterone can also exacerbate prostate problems, as it promotes an increase in the level of prostate-specific antigen – a marker of adenoma and prostate cancer. It shouldn’t be necessary to say that hormonal therapy should be carried out under the strict supervision of a doctor.

Other pharmacological ways of correcting sexual function

To combat erectile dysfunction caused by a high level of prolactin, you can use drugs such as bromocriptine and cabergoline. They are not hormones, but are dopamine agonists, a neurotransmitter secreted in the brain. These are tablet medicines with their own “gentlemen set” of side effects, so their reception should also be under medical supervision.

Preparations based on testosterone are sold in pharmacies exclusively by prescription, because in ourhormonal therapy stagnant medical community there is still a primitive, superstitious fear of hormone abuse. Androgen therapy is a very delicate thing: when taking it, many factors must be taken into account, including the overall hormonal balance. Only a specialist can do that, not a normal man who measures the level of testosterone with the strength of the morning erection. There is no place for self-treatment. Sometimes it is enough for you to use a Pfizer coupon of Viagra and not worry about Viagra side effects.